We done did it again! A dialogue fic written by jlalafics and bigbigbigday006 based on the Effie’s wedding dress comic!

AU where some things happen earlier than they did in MJ

Also, Peeta has actively taken up swearing!

“How do I get you out of this thing?! Stupid Capitol dress ate my hot wife! Fuck it. Where are the scissors?”
“Peeta, what are you doing?”
“I’m turning this monstrosity into something that you would actually wear and something I actually like. I…I can’t even…are your legs even in there? And what the shit is all this crap underneath?”
“She called it tulle.”
“It’s bullshit, is what it is! Is this district 4? No. It’s district 12! In district 12, a man doesn’t have to go through two yards of fishing net to find his wife’s knees!”

“Hey, um, you want to watch it with the scissors up under there?”
“Sorry, kind of flying blind. Are these feathers? The fuck? Who is going to be looking up here?!”
“Peeta. Scissors. Delicate areas. Focus.”

“Why are there so many layers to this thing? And the feathers…what else am I going to find under here?”
“My knee in your eye if you’re not careful. You think the dress is bad? I don’t even want to tell you about the underwear situation.”

“Oh, I’m seeing the underwear situation. It looks…complicated. Is there a key or a code or something I should know about?”

“How good are you at safe cracking?”

“Is this metal?”

“Ah, you have reached the industrial district. You should take a gander at what they’ve got going on up top. Damn corset’s got my boobs pushed up to my chin.”

“That’s no small feat, given what they’ve got to work with.”


“Now why would you let them put this on you?”
“I wasn’t paying attention because Effie was going on and on about chastity something or other…I just kept on nodding. Then they put this thing on me.”
“You didn’t bother to tell her that the ‘chastity’ boat had sailed? That there have, in fact, been several trips?”
“Jeez Peeta, I want her to go home. I don’t want to break her!”

“Ok, let me deal with the net situation first, then we can put your breasts back where they belong. Then I can try to pry you out of your undie cage.”

“What are you doing down there? This isn’t like fixing the oven, you know.”

“Actually, some of the parts look surprisingly similar. I think if I just pull…shit.”

“What? What did you do?!”

“Well, the good news is that the net’s gone…There are some hooks holding up the skirt layers. When I cut the net off, I guess I was too close to them and now I’m stuck.”
“You’re stuck.”
“And at the angle I’m at, the hook is stuck to my hair in the back of my head.”
“Use the scissors.”
“I’m going to have a huge bald spot if I do.”
“Let me try to lift the skirt and maybe I can help.”
“Wouldn’t it be funny if Effie came in right now?”
“If she did, she’d probably attack you for trying to deflower me. Now let me just gather my skirt and…oh no…Was that a rip? Did I just hear a rip? Well I can unhook you now…”

*rubbing the back of his head, surveying the damage*

“I guess if you just sidestep along the wall, no one will notice.”

“That the entire back of my dress is missing? You know, Effie told me it was bad luck for us to see each other before the ceremony. I’m guessing this is why.”

“As long as we’re already in trouble, let’s see if we can get past the security system.”

“What kind of horrific undergarments have you been subjected to?”

“I’m just wearing my boxers.”

“You bastard.”

“Now why would someone put a combination lock on undergarments?”
“Effie is a mad woman. At least, she didn’t have a ‘talk’ with you.”
“What kind of talk?”
“A talk about the wedding night.”

“Now you have to tell me about it.”

I honestly don’t know why she bothered. She thought we were going at it all through the Victory Tour—she’s the one who gave me the birth control!”

“Maybe she’s feeling maternal. She’s all by herself, you know.”

“I think it’s just like everything else in the Capitol. Ceremony. She had to say it because that’s what they say to brides on their wedding day.”

“So what’d she say?”

“In so many words? Grin and bear it.”

“Ouch. Doesn’t say much for me, does it?”

“I think it’s a standard speech.”

“Well it sounds better than Haymitch’s talk.”
“You had a talk too?”
“Yup, while we were on the Victory Tour.”
“Well…I should remember you might ‘grin and bear it’ but that doesn’t mean you’re enjoying it. And I should be able to tell that you’re ‘enjoying’ it, if I can’t then we shouldn’t be doing what we’re doing. Also, he taught me some ‘methods’ to making sure that I last.”
“Count backwards…recite different types of bread ingredients…tell myself a story…”
“Oh hell, they must think we’re amateurs.”

 “I’m feeling like an amateur. Can’t get my own wife out of her underpants.”

“To be fair, these are a little more involved than what you’re used to. Stop it.”


“Drumming your fingers on my crotch. The clicking is annoying.”

“It’s like a puzzle—I gotta figure it out.”

“…I’m glad we didn’t. On the Victory Tour.”

“I’m glad we didn’t, either. You weren’t in love with me.”

“See, that’s the thing…I’m not so sure I wasn’t.”

“What do you mean?”
“There would be times when I would wake up in your arms and I would just watch you.”
“Watch me?”
“Yeah, I would just watch your chest rise and fall. It reassured me that you were still alive. Because when we were in that cave, Peeta, I was scared shitless about losing you.”
“So you thought you might have been in love with me because of this?”
“I just always imagined that’s how being in love was I guess. Getting reassurance that one you love is there just by watching them breathe. Because you’re always fearing the day that they’re not going to be.”
“Katniss….” *sniffling*
“Are you crying under there?”
“No…just some tulle in my eye.”

“Oh wow, you really do. Here. Look up…to the side…”

“Ow. Ow ow ow.”

“Hold still, I’ve almost got it. There.”

“Capitol dresses are dangerous.”

“My poor Mister. Tulle in his eye while I sit her comfortably trapped in iron underpants.”

“Um, if I bring something up, do you promise not to get too angry with me?”

“Depends what it is.”

“I want to preface this by saying that I love you, and I know you love me, and we’re married and I don’t question that you love me at all.”

“I’m already not liking where this is going.”

“I’m just…curious. So during the Victory Tour, you say you’d wake up and watch me sleep.”

“Yeah. At least once a night. On a bad night, I’d check your pulse.”

“So…when we got home, before the Quell announcement, what was going on with Gale?”

“I’m not really sure what happened there. He kissed me—”
“Nothing. I felt nothing. And I was confused about you and your kisses. I was confused because they meant more to me than I wanted to admit. But…”
“But what?”
“At the end of the day, Victor or not, you and I were different. I wasn’t good enough. At the end of the day, I’m Seam Trash.”
“Don’t what?”
“Don’t you ever call yourself that. You are so much more. You were always much more to me than a girl from the Seam.”
“Think about it, Peeta. If it weren’t for the Games, if we didn’t win then we would still be in the same place. Me in the Seam and you on the Merchant side. I would’ve married Gale eventually and he would work in the mines. If it weren’t for the Games, would we have ended up together? I don’t know…” *She looks at Peeta*. “Say something, Peeta.” *He stays silent.* “SAY something.”

*he starts laughing slowly. Then it builds, his shoulders shaking*

“It’s true! That’s how it would’ve happened! Without the Games—”

*he folds his arms over her knees and rests his chin on them.*

“Katniss, the only things keeping us apart were my shyness and your stubbornness. Town and Seam don’t mean anything.”

“They do!…Did. Before…different castes. You stick to your own.”

“Then explain your mother.”

“She was an exception.”

“She really wasn’t, Katniss.”

“Are you saying there was no stigma to mixing?”

“No, it was there. To ignorant people. People like my mother.”

“So you’re taking one example and applying it to the entire population.”

“Katniss, my uncle married Seam. The dressmaker, she married Seam. Hell, Delly’s got some Seam in her a couple of generations back. My oldest brother’s girlfriend was Seam, only Mother couldn’t know.”

“We weren’t supposed to mix…”

“We weren’t supposed to start rebellions, either, but that didn’t stop Madge. I don’t think you know as much about Town kids as you think you do.”

“What? Madge?”
“Think about it, Katniss. She gave you the Mockingjay pin. She made you the symbol of the Rebellion by using something from a fallen tribute, her Aunt. Madge was quiet but she was a fighter.”
“What do you mean?”
“After the Quell was announced, she came to me. She wanted to help and I sent her to Haymitch.”
“How much have you not told me?”
“You weren’t ready, sweetheart. I wasn’t ready when I found out about all of this. Somehow Delly slipped up and mentioned something about Madge and the Rebellion…”
“What did she do?”
“According to Delly, Haymitch told Madge to start looking for people who wanted to help with the uprising. They would gather in her home to meet. They didn’t expect that bombing though.”
“She was braver than I thought.”
“She sacrificed herself to try and save her family during the bombing. She could’ve walked away. She had someone waiting for her.”

“What? No…Gale?”

“Please tell me you’re not getting jealous.”

“No, I just—Gale always picked on Madge. Thought she was an elitist.”

“Then that Gale didn’t really know her. She came to me, too, after the first reaping. She told me the only time I was absolutely allowed to die was if it came down to you and me.”

“That’s horrible!”

“Come on, Katniss. Madge and I grew up together. She knew if I had the chance, I’d die in your place. She just didn’t want to see me fold. She liked fighters. I think that was why she liked Gale so much.”

“So the whole time we were training and in the arena, Gale and Madge…”

“I don’t think so. I think it was more of fellow soldier kind of deal. I don’t know if he ever figured it out. The two of you were always a little dense when it came to emotions.”

“No, I know Gale. That’s why he would have fallen for her eventually. Because she was a fighter too…”
“Maybe’s that why she stayed behind, because she was too afraid to take the risk that he wouldn’t.”
“You took the risk, didn’t you? Coming back and all. Do you regret it?”
“No, never. Because I would have never gotten the chance to see you in this monstrosity.”

“It really is awful, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s nice. It’s just not you. I like what you wore to the Justice Building.”

“You mean my old leather leggings and that beat up top?”

“Yup. That’s the girl I married.”

“…do you think he’s happy?”

“Gale? I dunno. To be honest, I thought you were talking to him and just not telling me.”

“You don’t have a very high opinion of me.”

“It’s something you would do.”

“…I thought about it. Couldn’t do it. I called Hazelle, though.”

“And how was that?”
“Awkward at first but Hazelle knows me enough to know that I’m not good with words. We had a nice talk.”
“So what is going on with Gale?”
“Why are you so curious?”
“Just wondering.”
“She said that he was working hard.”
“Is he seeing anyone?”
“Is this what this is about? You’re afraid that he’s coming back for me? I love you, I chose you. What do I have to do to prove this?”

*he laughs and kisses her knee*

“Stop being so damn defensive! I’m just curious because Johanna Mason said she landed a contract in 2.”


“So…two stubborn hotheads, same department, one hates wearing clothes and the other took every girl in his class to the slag heap at least once.”

“I don’t know what’s worse. Visualizing Gale having sex because I consider him like family or visualizing Johanna having sex because she’s like family to us. Or visualizing them together.”
“Imagine the children…”
“Naked, brooding…”
“Knife-throwing, moody…”
“They’re not getting anywhere near our baby.”
“Our baby?”


“Don’t—I really, really need you to be serious with me right now. Because I think I just heard you say you’re pregnant.”

“You heard right.”

“I thought we had shelved babies for now.”

“Well apparently my body and your body and a faulty batch of pills had different plans.”

“Ohhhh this complicates things.”

“You’re telling me. I thought you wanted a baby.”

“I do. I just don’t want a baby if you don’t want a baby.”

“According to the doctor, that’s not really an option anymore.”

“Now we really have to figure out how to get this damn chastity underwear off of you. Why didn’t you tell Effie?”
“First off, did you really want her to know before you? Second, did you want everyone in Panem to know before you?”
“You’re right. Lift the skirt. We have to free you.”
“Ah, I see you found your motivation. You want to know the worse part of all of this?”
“Effie noticed that I gained a few and suggested a diet regiment from the Capitol. Because while ‘the bosom was appealing, the pudge is not!’”
“There a number combination on this and I’m willing to guess that only she knows the number.”
“We can try to guess.”
“Let’s try your birthday—” Punches in numbers.”—oh shit! It’s beeping!”

*she starts laughing*

“I don’t think that’s the appropriate response, Katniss!”

“Two arenas and a war and we die by exploding underwear! Calm down. It beeped when she put it on. Ahhhh. Good job, sir. Do me a favor and pull out the largest, most unappealing pair of panties you can find. Hell, I’ll wear yours!”

“Let’s deal with the corset first. I’m not going to have a squished baby.”

“Relax. Doctor says it’s about the size of a lima bean. I won’t get really huge for months.”

“How long have you known?”

“I knew when I started throwing up at the smell of cinnamon rolls.”
“You haven’t wanted one in almost three months.”
“You kept this from me for almost three months?”
“I didn’t want to get your hopes up just in case…it didn’t stick.”
“So you were worried.”
“Of course, I was worried. Then Haymitch found out and all hell broke loose.”

*he flops back on the bed with his arm over his eyes, groaning*

“Okay, so how did Haymitch find out?”

“I had a fall about a month ago, while you were out making deliveries. It wasn’t anything big—I just slipped on some ice. But I freaked out and ran to Haymitch’s and asked him if I had bruised my belly at all. He didn’t know why I’d care until it clicked. Now it’s like I’m on suicide watch again anytime he’s around.”

“So we’re back to you two against me.”

“My body’s a mess! You know I didn’t even cycle for a year! What if I told you and then it—”

“Hey, relax. I’m just teasing you.”

“I hate this.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll stop.”

“No, I hate THIS. It’s only been a few months and I’m an emotional wreck and puking all the time when I’m not starving and my boobs are getting to the point where I can’t shoot straight—”

“Katniss, calm down.”

“And it’s going to start MOVING. At some point, this thing inside of me is going to start moving. What then?”

“Then it moves. It only means that you’ve done everything right for it to be moving like that.”
“It sounds terrifying. Like I’m being taken over from the inside.”
“Well in a way you are.”
“So it’s already changing me. Changing us.”
“And would it be so bad for things to change? Would it be so bad to want normalcy and not chaos around us? Isn’t that why we fought? So that it would different for our children?”
“You know what I mean.”
“I guess so. Do you think it will hurt? You know—when it moves?”
“That sounds like a good question for your mother.”
“Don’t start…”
“Don’t you think that maybe you should give her a call to tell her that you’re having her first grandchild?”

 “I dunno…yes? Eventually?”

“She calls every week and every week I’m the one to say more than five words to her. At this rate, I’m closer to your mother than you are!”

“So? We’ve never really been close to begin with.”

“So is that the kind of example you want to set for our daughter?”

“Ten minutes ago you didn’t know I was pregnant. Now you’re making requests. You’re gonna get what you’re gonna get.”

“Then think girl thoughts.”

“I’ve been thinking boy thoughts.”

“Why a boy?”
“Why a girl?”
“I don’t know. There was nothing but boys in my family. I want a little girl who can sing and shoot like you.”
“I want a boy who can bake and throw flour bags like you. I’m no good with girls, I’m not like Pr—nevermind”
“You’re not like Prim was what you were going to say. Well what would Prim teach our child?”
“She would taught our child how to identify plants. How to heal. How to always be kind and good.”
“WE can teach our daughter all of that.You taught Prim everything she knew and what we don’t know we’ll learn together.”
“There you go with this girl stuff again!”

“Boys are a handful.”

“You’re telling me!”

“You know what? Take it off. Take it all off. I don’t want the mother of my child bound up like a Capitol model.”

“No. We said we were going to do this for Effie, let’s do this for Effie. Just help me take the corset off.”

“She’s not going to care what you’re wearing when you tell her you’re pregnant.”

“I’m not telling her anything.”

“Why not? If it’s important, she’ll keep quiet. Haymitch says Effie is loud, but she knows how to keep secrets. Besides, she’s family.”

“I hate when you make valid points. Okay, get it off me. But you’re going to have to change too. I’m not doing this with you in a tuxedo shirt.”

“Did this dress come with instructions?”

“There’s buttons or hooks or something in the back. Just dig around until you find something that looks like a release. And hurry it up. I’m surprised Haymitch hasn’t come banging down the door.”

“They think we’re doing it—Katniss, how could you not tell me?! For three months we’ve been going at it with a baby inside you!”

“Well I didn’t hear you complaining when I jumped you on the back porch, or the kitchen counter, or against the stairs! Women do it all the time when they’re pregnant. Are you any closer to taking it off?”
“I’m trying to undo all these damn clips. Why in the world would she put this torture to device on you and my baby?”
“Oh so it’s YOUR baby. I’m just carrying it and then feeding it with my breasts.”
“I’m getting to then end…THERE!” *Tosses corset to the floor.*
“Oh thank goodness…I can breathe again.” She lays on the bed and rubs her stomach. “I’m starving.”
*Peeta sits next to her.* “Well look at that…”
“My stomach? It’s just a small bump right now.”
“No. I’m talking about your boobs. I mean…wow.”
“And you want a girl? Just imagine if the boy she dates says that to her.”
“She’s never dating.”
“And we never started a rebellion. Be realistic.”
“I’ll just ask Effie for another one of these chastity things.”

 “No. Absolutely not. We take the traditional route and scare the crap out of the boyfriend.”

“I think we could do that. At least you could.”

“Stop. Staring. At them.”

“Sorry, they’re just so…different. I’m kind of embarrassed that I didn’t notice.”


“Different. You know me. I liked the way they were.”

“Well get used to them. I assume they’ll get bigger with the rest of me…ugh. I’m going to have to start wearing bras. And dresses. My leggings are already too tight. Peeta, do me a favor and have this baby for me, okay?”

“You know I wish I could.”
“Yeah, I’m lying. I’m afraid to imagine where it would come out from.”
“Are you going to let me scream at you when I’m in labor?”
“Of course.”
“And you’ll hold my hand no matter how hard I squeeze it?”
“And if I break it?”
“Just asking. I’m surprised that no one is calling for us.”
“Maybe Effie scrapped the whole idea.”
“Yeah right. You should check and get me a cheese bun. Me and the baby are hungry.”

 “Say that again.”

*sigh* “Me and the baby are hungry. Are you going to do this for the remaining six months?”

“Maybe. It’s going to be okay, you know.”

“You say that now.”

“And I’ll say it anytime you need to hear it. Only…”


“Only could you say it to me, too?”

“It’s going to be okay.”

“Like you mean it.”

“That’s not fair. You didn’t say it like you meant it.”

“It’s hard. To be honest. I’m scared shitless right now. Happy, but scared shitless.”

“What kind of father am I going to be? My Dad was great but sometimes I wish he stood up for me and my brothers.”
“You can’t think like that.It’s like me thinking that I’m going to be like my mother and fall apart. If anything, our upbringing should teach us what not to do.”
“Do you think that I’m going to be a pushover like my dad?”
“No, you’re going to be fine. And we’ll take it one day at a time because we’re going to make mistakes.”
“We’re going to have to learn a lot. Like how to change a diaper…”
“…And how to feed it.”
“Then they get older.”
“I don’t even want to think about our baby leaving!”
“Are you crying?”
“Stupid pregnant woman hormones ruin everything!”
“Including your makeup. Effie is going to kill me for making you cry.”

“I bet you feel bad, too. I take it back—if it’s a girl, she’s going to walk all over you! You have no backbone when it comes to girls!”

“I had it beaten out of me by the time I was six. You have to tell your mother. Tonight.”

“Why tonight?”

“Because you have to start giving her a fair shot. I know what she did, but I also know why she did it, and…Katniss, at least your mother loves you. If my mother were still alive, I would tell her just to rub her nose in it. All we knew was how to hate each other. It’s different with your mother. You need to call her.”

“And tell her what? That not only am I having a baby but I didn’t invite her to my fancy-schmancy Capitol wedding?”
“Tell her you miss her Katniss. You only have so many people you would actually tell that to. She’s one of them.”
“I suppose.”
“Don’t suppose. DO.”
“Fine! When did you become so bossy?”
Since you told me that I might live in a house where I’m terrorized by females.”

“Face it, between me and Delly, you’re already outnumbered.”

“So what’s one more? Call her. Tell her to come out. She wants to be here.”

“How do you know?”

“…I call her. Every week. Different than when she calls for you. When you’re not home.”

“And tell her what?”
“I tell her how you’re doing. You mad?”
“Not just mad, I’m pissed. You need to keep your mind on your own business.”
“You are my business. You’re my wife and the mother of my child.”
“You keep this up and you won’t have a wife around.”
“What? Talking to your mom?”
“No, keeping secrets from me. We’re a team. We’ve always been a team.”
“Lately it hasn’t felt like that. And you kept a secret from me too! A big secret!”
“Fine. You’re right. So what do you talk about?”


“Prim. Her guilt. My guilt. Things they did to me.”

“In the Capitol?” He nods. “You won’t even tell me that.”

“It helps to have someone who’s a little detached from it all. I didn’t really know Prim that well, except for in 13 when she was trying to help. And the other stuff…it’s different than in therapy. I don’t feel like she’s trying to analyze me all the time. We just listen to each other, mostly. But she really wants to hear about you.”

“And what do you tell her about me?”

“You smile more often. Laugh at stupid things. You get sad, but there are times when you’re less sad. You don’t scream in your sleep so much. It makes her happy.”

“But she’s not here.”

“She would be, if you asked her.”

“I can’t.”
“Because too much time has passed for us.”
“It’s never too late. You can change this. I never got that chance.”
“I miss her. She wasn’t always there for me but I miss her.”
“I think you need her now more than ever too.”
*She wipes her eyes and nods.*
“Find me a phone.”

“I can’t.”

“After all that?! I said I agree to call my mother after months and, by the way, tell her that we’re having a freaking baby and you can’t get me the phone.”

“No. Because Effie’s out there.”


“And I’m scared of Effie.”

“I feel like we’re going in circles…”

“Effie is outside this door, expecting you to emerge about ten minutes ago looking like a Capitol cupcake on Independence Day. I, on the other hand, have just taken you out of the cupcake AND the armor AND put you in what is, frankly, the rattiest, most unattractive pair of underpants you own. What do I say to Effie when I open this door?”

“Seriously? Are you the boy I married? The boy who convinced Panem that I was knocked up before the Quell?”

“More or less…”

“Lie to her!”

“…I’ll get the phone.”

*Peeta returns with the phone.*
“I didn’t think that I could move that fast. Did you know that there is a shitload of flowers down there?”
“How did you manage to avoid Effie?”
“I hid behind the large bouquets of flowers. Now-CALL her.”
“Fine, bossy pants. I’d just like to go on record and say that me and the baby don’t appreciate being forced into doing this.”
“Tell the baby that he or she will change their mind when their grandma is spoiling them.”
*Katniss dials and waits. Then she suddenly hangs up.*
“Why did you hang up on your mother?”
“That wasn’t my mom.”
“Then who was it?”

“That’s—that’s not right. She would’ve told me if he was coming.”

“Maybe she thought it’d trigger something…is it triggering something?”

“No. No, I’m fine. How are you?”

“I’m not sure yet.”

*the phone rings. They both freeze.*

“What do we do?”

“Pick it up.”
“I can’t. I’m not ready to talk to him.”
“Neither am I.”
*The phone stops ringing.*
“We’re cowards.”
“What kind of parents will we become?”
“I’m not sure but hopefully we’ll be braver than we are now.”
*There’s a knock on the door.*
“Oh shit, that’s Effie! Hide me!”
*Katniss looks down at her stomach as Peeta cowers behind her.*
“I know that it’s hard to believe kid but your father fought in the Rebellion.”

*Peeta leans around and whispers to her belly*

“Your mother can be really nice sometimes. Now is not one of those times. *looking up at her* Does it even have ears yet?”

*Haymitch is on the other side of the door*

“Do you want to take this phone call or do you want me to tell Hawthorne that you’re too busy doing it?”

*Katniss yanks open the door*

(hissing)”We aren’t doing anything!”

“You coulda fooled me. And cover yourself up. Just because they’re getting huge don’t mean I wanna see ‘em. You’ve been in here the better part of an hour.”

*Katniss sighs* “Fighting.”

*Peeta picks the dress up off the ground.* “Then making up. Then fighting, then making up.”

“Oh, so the usual. At what point did you decide you needed to make a long distance to Four?”

“After I told him about the baby.”

*there’s a shout from the receiver*

“Oh did I forget to mention that I brought the study phone up with me?”


“You owe me an hour of babysitting for that, Haymitch!”
“That’s fine sweetheart. If you really trust me that much with your little bun.”
*Katniss snatches the phone from him. Sitting on the bed, she put the receiver to her ear.*
“Hey Catnip.”
“How did you know I was on the phone?”
“I could hear breathing into it.”
“So you’re having a baby.”
“Yeah I am.”
“Never thought I’d see the day.”
“The world has changed, Gale.”
“So it has. And Peeta? What is happening with him? Getting married?”
“We’ve actually been married for awhile. Had a toasting and everything. Now Effie is forcing me into a gown that is the epitome of Capitol fashion but is squishing my baby.”
“You really have changed.”
“Is this a good or a bad thing?”
“It’s good. It’s real good Catnip. Johanna says hello by the way. Also she say thanks for not inviting us to your fancy Capitol looking wedding.”
“Why are you in District Four?”
“Visiting Annie and her boy. We thought that we’d stop by your mom’s. She’s doing real good. But she misses you.”
*Peeta sits next to her and takes her hand. She smiles at him.*
“Can I talk to her? I want to tell her that she’s going to be a grandma. *to Peeta* Would…would you mind if I did this on my own?”

“You’re sending me out to Effie?”

“Haymitch will be with you.”

*sigh* “Alright. Give her my love.”

*he leaves.*


“You have to come home.”

“Katniss, you haven’t spoken to me in months.”

“You have to come home! There was a problem with the pill and I didn’t know until it was too late and Peeta’s over the moon, but I’m terrified and…I need you to come home.”

“Your pregnant.”

“It was an accident.”

“A happy accident.”

“I dunno. Sometimes I think so, but then I get depressed or he has an episode…I don’t think people like us are supposed to be parents.”

“No honey. People like you should be parents because you care so much about your future child that you’re freaking yourself out.”
“I’m scared.”
“It’s okay to be scared. It’s a myth that some people are born with the parent gene. Being a parent is something that you have to learn to be. It’s not an easy process.”
“Mom,I’m getting married today.”
“I know.”
“Are you mad that you aren’t here?”
“No but I was upset that I didn’t see your toasting. Peeta told me about it though. He sketched a picture of you and sent it to me.”
“I was wearing pants in it, right?”

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