A reblog/dialogue fic written by fnurfnur and bigbigbigday006.

Cause that’s how we do.

Rye: Hawthorne.

Gale: Mellark.

Rye: Careful with her. That one’s a biter.

Gale: I know.

Girl: You know, we’re right here. We can hear you guys.

Rye: Quiet, Delly.

Gale: So… later.

Rye: Wait, are you going over to the west side?

Gale: Um… yeah.

Rye: Um… mind if I take that side? My brother told me it would make it all romantic, with the sunset and stuff.

Delly: AWWW!

Rye: And then she’d probably be willing to…

Delly: HEY

Delly: Saffy, you know Peeta, right?

 Saffy: Ohhhyeah. He said he wanted to be “just friends.”

 Delly: He’s making cookies for the mayor and he’s saving me the leftover batter. Want to share a bowl with a nice guy?

Rye: Delly, you’re mean.

Saffy: Sounds good.

Gale: WAIT Saffy, where are you going?

Saffy: Gale, you’re hot and all, but… cookie dough.

Gale: Seriously? You’re leaving me to go hang out with a nice guy who makes cookies?

Rye: Hmm. What are the odds of that.

Gale: Shut up, Mellark. And tell your “nice guy” brother to stay away from my hunting partner!

Rye: Tell your hunting partner to stay away from the gym on Tuesdays.

 Gale: She goes to Undersee’s on Tuesdays

Rye: Stops by like clockwork for wrestling practice.

Gale: You probably think all Seam girls look alike.

Rye: Brown hair in a braid, kinda skinny, answers to the name Katniss, blushes every time my brother bends over?

Gale: Shut up. She’s probably going with Undersee… she seems like she’d be the type to fall all over one of you idiots.

Rye: Nope, not her type.

Delly: Shut up, Rye. You have no right to talk about other people’s feel—

Rye: No,Delly! It pisses me off! This elitist thinks just cuz Peeta’s a Merch boy, his little partner can’t be interested. Some people don’t care about Town and Seam, Hawthorne!

Gale: And some people are too naive to pretend it doesn’t matter. I know what you Town boys think of girls from the Seam. So keep your brother away from my hunting partner.

Delly: Peeta’s not like that.

Saffy: Are we getting cookie dough or what?


Rye: Saf, when I’m with you, do you feel used?

Saffy: The using’s pretty mutual, I think.

 Rye: Do I make you feel dirty or cheap?

Saffy: You’re a perfect gentleman when I want you to be.

 Rye :Peacekeepers use Seam girls. Mellarks don’t.

Gale: And you wouldn’t know about what’s it like, to sell anything and everything you have just to keep your family alive. You always know where your next meal is coming from.

Rye: We’re not exactly rolling in Capitol riches, Hawthorne. No one here is. We’re all fighting to survive.

Gale: That so? How many times you taken out tesserae, Bread Box?
Gale: Thought as much. 
Rye: I’m about one second from kicking your ass. 
*Peeta comes running up, breathless*
Peeta: Rye! Delly?! Aw, I don’t even want to know who you’re here wi—*shaking it off* Rye. You gotta come home. Now. 
Rye: Shit, Peets! You’re bleeding everywhere! What did you do?!

Peeta: I tried to cover for you Rye, but Mom figured out you weren’t staying after school for tutoring. She’s really mad. You gotta come home, now.

Gale: Wait, but why are you bleeding?

Rye: Just leave it alone, Hawthorne.

Peeta: S’nothing. 
Saffy: It’s everywhere!
Delly: Mind your own business, Saffy. (to Rye) That looks like the marble pin…
Rye: (tilting Peeta’s head) That right, Peets? That the goddamn marble pin?
Peeta: Just the corner. 
Gale: Uh, my friend’s mother is a healer…
Peeta: No! Thanks, but no. Head wounds just bleed a lot is all. I’m fine. But we have to go home, Rye. Delly, stop it. You’re getting blood on your sleeve. 
Delly: And if we don’t stop it, it’ll get on your shirt and you’ll catch more than the corner.

Saffy: Peeta, it’s bad. You’re gonna need stitches or something.

Peeta: No!

Gale: She’s right. Look, I’m taking you to a healer, ok? She won’t tell your mom, she won’t tell anyone.

Peeta: No…

Gale: Katniss isn’t there right now, ok? She took Prim to the meadow to collect greens. But if you don’t move your ass and come with me right now, she’ll come back before you’ve finished. And I don’t want you around her, either.

Delly: Peeta, please do it. Go.

Peeta: What do you think, Rye?
Rye: I say go. Pop trusts her and she probably won’t charge much.
Delly: I’ll patch Katniss’ boots. Madge says her soles are almost gone. 
Rye: Town doc’ll want coin. Go to the healer. 
Peeta: You’re coming with, right?
Rye: I better get home before things get worse. I’ll tell her you’re at Madge’s taking an order. *smiling* She’s gonna wish she minded her own, cuz I’m in the mood for a fight. 
Peeta: Just don’t make it worse, alright?
Rye: How could it be worse? You’re the mistake and I’m the fuck-up. It’s always gonna be bad. West heap’s yours, Hawthorne. Then we’re square. I hear you touched a hair on this boy’s head I’m coming for you. And I’ll bring the entire wrestling team.

Peeta: So… you don’t want me around Katniss?

Gale: Nope.

Peeta: Because you two are… I mean…

Gale: None of your business, Bread Box. All you need to know is that she’s off limits, and I’m bigger than you.

*Delly laughs*
Gale: What’s so funny, Cartwright?
Delly: You don’t know shit about shit, Hawthorne.
Peeta: Cripes, Delly! You’ve been hanging around Rye too much. 
Gale: That supposed to mean something, Cartwright? That go with that little dig about Tuesdays?
Peeta: What goes on on Tuesdays? Did I miss something or do I have a concussion?
Delly: Never you mind, Peeta. Just keep applying pressure. 
Gale: Not sure I like that you know where you’re going, boy. 
Peeta: I have no idea what’s going on here, but Katniss and I don’t talk to each other, okay? We’re not friends, we’re not anything! I just want to get stitched up. Some of us still have work to do.

Gale: Damn right you’re not anything.

Delly: Right, because *you’re* her great beloved.

Gale: Wait… shut up! You’re the one who doesn’t know shit.

Delly: I know she and Madge are friends, and they talk about the things girls talk about. Funny how your name doesn’t come up, Hawthorne.

Peeta: Um… does mine?

Peeta: Shit. That was out loud, wasn’t it? Never—forget I said anything. Concussion. 
Gale: You say something, Merch?
Peeta: Rambling. Concussion. Look. I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. Katniss…I just respect the hell out of her, okay? Respect what she does—what you do—for your families. That’s all. That’s it. 
Gale: That’s it?
Peeta: Absolutely. 
Gale:…that’s okay then. 
Delly: *muttering to herself* Even with a head injury, you’re the smoothest liar I know.

Mrs. Everdeen: Hi there, Ga-WHOA what happened, son?
Peeta: I walked into a door.
Delly: He tripped and fell. 
Gale: His mom hit him.

Mrs. Everdeen: Look up. You’re the youngest Mellark boy, aren’t you?
Peeta: Yes’m. 
Mrs. Everdeen: Well that speaks volumes, then. I’m surprised I haven’t seen you more often. 
Peeta: I know how to take a hit, ma’am. 
Mrs. Everdeen: And quick with a quip. Definitely a Mellark. 
Delly: He needs more fixing than I can do, ma’am. My father’s the cobbler, we can do some repairs for you. 
Mrs. Everdeen: Unnecessary. 
Delly: I want to. 
Mrs. Everdeen: Hop up on the table and let’s have a look. *examining his face* My youngest says you sneak her sweets sometimes. You shouldn’t do that. 
Peeta: *shrugs* Just day olds. She doesn’t keep close track of day olds. 
Mrs. Everdeen: Gale, I need you to go and bring me Prim. She wants to learn stitches.

Peeta: Wait! She’s with… I mean… 

Gale: I’ll say it’s really bloody. It’s not a lie, you look terrible. Katniss won’t want to come.

Delly: I’ll go too… I can distract Katniss, if we need to. I won’t let her see you like this.

Mrs. Everdeen: Now that they’re gone Peeta, you want to tell me why you’re so scared of seeing my daughter?

Peeta: Not particularly. 
Mrs. Everdeen: This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you around here. You dropped those hard rolls a few weeks back, didn’t you?
Peeta: It’s not charity. I don’t want you to think—I don’t pity you. 
Mrs. Everdeen: I need you to stop. My parents weren’t exactly thrilled at my life choices, either. 
Peeta: Did that stop you?
Mrs. Everdeen: No. But I never needed stitches because of it. 
Peeta: She’s tired, is all. Bitter. I guess I would be, too, if I were in her place. 
Mrs. Everdeen: No you wouldn’t. 
Prim: Gale said someone needs stitch—oh.

Peeta: Hey Prim. How are you today?

Prim: Better than you, it looks like. What happened?

Peeta: I tripped and fell.

Gale: He walked into a door.

Prim: Your mom hit you.

Peeta: Does EVERYBODY know? She’s not that bad, ok?

Mrs. Everdeen: Son, I’m not one to talk about what makes a good mother, because I’ve made plenty of mistakes. But beating a child is a mistake no parent should ever make, and there’s no excuse for it.

Peeta: With all due respect, ma’am, my brothers and I have a handle on things. 
Mrs. Everdeen: So does my daughter. Do we have an understanding?
Peeta: Yes’m. 
Mrs. Everdeen: Good. Not to say you can’t drop by if you need some patching. 
Prim: Can I stitch him up, Mother?
Mrs. Everdeen: Not this time. You just watch.

Peeta: Where is…

Gale: Delly wanted to see Lady, so they’re out there.

Mrs. Everdeen: Prim, hand me that salve. Now Peeta, this salve will numb the skin a bit, but this will still hurt a bit.

Peeta: Don’t worry, I’ve felt worse.

Mrs. Everdeen: I wish that wasn’t true.  Here we go - just try to hold still. 

Peeta: Where is…

Gale: Delly wanted to see Lady, so they’re out there.

Mrs. Everdeen: Prim, hand me that salve. Now Peeta, this salve will numb the skin a bit, but this will still hurt a bit.

Peeta: Don’t worry, I’ve felt worse.

Mrs. Everdeen: I wish that wasn’t true.  Here we go - just try to hold still. 

Prim: Would you like to hold my hand?

Peeta: (with a small smile) Sure. (wincing) Ow.

Mrs. Everdeen: Try to grin and bear it, dear. It’ll be over soon.

Peeta: Prim, can you do me a favor?

Prim: Sure…

Peeta: Anyone asks, I was never here. 

Mrs. Everdeen: All done. Now, I want you to take this salve and put it on the cut twice a day. Come back and see me in a week so I can make sure it’s healing, and I’ll take the stitches out. If it shows any sign of infection, come back right away. 
Peeta: Thank you, ma’am. I’ll bring some fresh bread over as thanks. 
Mrs. Everdeen: you better not. You’ll get another cut, worse than this. Besides, you’ve already done more than enough for our family and taken too much trouble for it. Understand?
Peeta: Yes, ma’am.
Prim: if you don’t want her to see you leave, you better go through the back. Gale, can you go with him? Make sure he gets home safe?
Gale: Let’s go, Merch.

Peeta: I know my way out. Just tell Delly I’ll meet her by the Oak. She’ll know where. (he ducks out the back)
Gale: Still don’t like him. 
Mrs. Everdeen: Can’t imagine that you would. Prim, soak these cloths in cold water, we may be able to get the blood out. You know I was Merch, Gale. 
Gale: But you’re Seam now. 
Mrs. Everdeen: I’m 12. Just like you’re 12 and Katniss is 12 and Peeta Mellark is 12. Don’t let them divide us any more than they already do.

Gale: I just want to protect Prim and Katniss from them. You don’t know how they see girls from the Seam.

Mrs. Everdeen: I do. I was your age once, too. And I remember how the boys talked. I also know that Katniss would shoot an arrow through anyone who talked about her or Prim that way.

Gale: That’s true.

Prim: And Gale? Peeta really is nice. He always asks me about school and saves a cookie for me, even though he’s not supposed to. He’s not even like his brothers.

Gale: OK, Prim, sure. But I don’t think you should hold your breath for me to be best friends with him, or any other Merchant.

Katniss: Best friends with who?
(Gale and Prim jump)
Gale: No one. 
Prim: Peeta Mellark. 
Gale: You are really bad at secrets, girl. 
Katniss: That squeaky girl he’s always with was poking around. 
Prim: I invited her over. She’s sweet. 
Katniss: What were you doing with Peeta Mellark?
Gale: Nothing. Negotiating. His dad likes squirrels. 
Katniss: I know. You didn’t hassle him, did you?
Gale: Why would I hassle him? It’s bad business. 
Katniss: I know you don’t like his brother. Just…don’t be…you…around him. He’s okay.

Gale: What’s that supposed to mean?

Katniss: It means you can be a jerk around anyone not from the Seam.

Gale: No, I mean what do you mean he’s okay?

Katniss: He’s an okay guy, is all I mean. He’s not a jerk. He’s nice to Prim. That’s all. Shut up.

Prim: You’re blushing.

Katniss: It’s warm out. Mind your own business. Go wash those greens.

Delly: (walking up to meet Peeta) Well, that’s more excitement than I was expecting this evening. How’s your head?

Peeta: On the outside or the inside?

Delly: Both.

Peeta: Outside stings. Inside aches. And I still have forty cookies to frost.

Delly: I’ll help. She notices, you know.

Peeta: Who notices what?

Delly: Katniss notices you, stupid. And she’d notice you more if you didn’t sneak around like a lunatic.

Peeta: You’re delusional. And that’s coming from someone with a concussion.

Delly: Okay, well I got eyes.

Peeta: And not enough sense.

Delly: Hell, if I had any sense, Peeta, I wouldn’t tell you that what you’re going to do is a good idea.

Peeta: What am I gonna do?

Delly: Madge only ordered thirty cookies.

Peeta: Order says forty.

Delly: Mmhm. Who took the order?

(he smiles)

Delly: You’re hopeless. You gonna use that salve for the pain like you’re supposed to?

Peeta: Gonna give it to Rye. He probably needs it more.

Delly: You gonna come back to get the stitches out?

Peeta: Hell no. You’re gonna help me rip them out in a week.

Delly: Hopeless.

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