Hey, Cheesebuns!

So it hasn’t been a stellar couple of weeks for TripleBig—the kitty cat reaper finally caught up with my fur baby and took him off to join his lil brother. He was 17—old as dirt—and wasn’t sick or anything. Something in him just wore out and he passed away at home in his sleep, which is all I could ever hope for my old man! It still is majorly sad to be cat-less and I miss his fat face, but all lives end and his was full of fun, so I’m very happy for the time I shared with him!
Even before this happened, I was in the midst of a tumblr hiatus, and I’ve since decided to try to grab life by the cajones and shake every pleasurable moment out of it. So this is probably what you, my sweet, sweet followers, should expect out of this blog going forward:
Less of me in general. That is, less text posts and a hell of a lot less reblogs. My goal is to be on the computer as little as possible. Except for solitaire. That shit’s sacred!
When I DO post, it’ll be art. This means that you won’t have to slog through a bunch of my crap to get to the goods. Right now I’m on a knitting and crocheting kick, but hopefully the art bug will return and when it does, you folks will be the first to know!
I will still be checking my messages, but it’s going to be sporadic. So don’t cry if I don’t reply for a week(s) (cuz I know that’s what you do, right? Sit up and wait for me to mail you? ;p) I just haven’t checked my mail.
Be good humans and I’ll see ya when I see ya!